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Technical information for the Market Place Kitchen

  • Only electric cooking equipment is allowed.
  • LPG canister and wooden fire oven are NOT allowed in the Market Place Kitchen.
  • Only fire-retardant material is allowed.
  • Minimum level of fuel in the van tank is allowed before entering into Bolton Market Place and access is only permitted before 8:30 am and after 6:00 pm.
  • All vehicles must have either slipper on the tyres or mats under them when in location.
  • Maximum dimensions for a street food van: Width 2.2m – Height 2.8m.
  • Space allocated for a catering unit (not a street food van): 3m long by 2m deep.
  • Pictures of the van and previous operations are required before accepted.
  • Proof of the relevant insurance certificates (including public and employer's liability insurance to cover a minimum of £10 million).
  • Electricity testing certificate must be up to date to enter into Bolton Market Place.
  • Every vehicle must be equipped with an extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit.
  • Water, drainage and electricity supply (single phase 13 A and 32 A sockets) are provided by Market Place Kitchen.
  • Vans must be equipped with grease trap and drip trays placed under vehicle in case of oil spillage.
  • To protect the floor, traders must put the right protect under their cooking area if not in a van.
  • Traders must adopt the waste and refuse disposal policy of Bolton Market Place, which requires waste segregation. If not, traders will have the responsibility to remove their waste from Bolton Market Place.
  • Specific electric requirement must be discussed and agreed in advance by Bolton Market Place.
  • Bolton Market Place management will have the immediate authority to remove without notice, the caterers producing too much smoke and/or smell.
  • Catering traders must have proof of the relevant registrations and certificates, including the licence from Bolton Council (food trading standards, health and hygiene).
  • Traders will only be allowed to trade after signature of their licence to occupy the dedicated space and payment received.
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